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Verkehrspolizeiinspektion, Hösbach

New Building, Headquarters

Owner: Staatliches Bauamt Aschaffenburg
Architect: Bez+Kock Architekten, Stuttgart

Performance: structural design
Total Area: 3.297 m²

Plan: since 2014

The traffic police inspectorate Aschaffenburg lies on a lot, that drops away from the highway that is about 100 m north of it. Using the topography the offices in the two-storey structure are made accessible at ground level. At the back of the building the dark plinth with secondary rooms is visible. The facade of the longitudinal edifice is made of white imbued concrete prefabs. The subtle relief of the facade is being highlighted by the slightly shining surface of the concrete. The compact and tripartite floor plan is enriched with skylights.

The basement with holding cells, changing rooms, archives, technical building services, garages and a car workshop has 3,3 m high ceilings. At ground level and on the upper floor there are mostly offices with 3 m high ceilings. The flat roof of the building will be either greened or built with gravel and photovoltaic or solar arrays. According to the soil expertise the basement has to be protected against percolating water. The one storey annex has a footprint of approximately 5 x 48 m and a height of about 3 m. It houses the auxiliary energy plant and offers space for more vehicles. Its facade is designed with prefab/sandwich elements. The elements are approximately 9 x 3,4 m.

The supporting structure is designed as massive construction (floors and shear walls made of reinforced concrete and walls made of masonry and reinforced concrete). The floors resting on the supporting interior and exterior walls are designed as line supported beamless slabs. The diameter varies from 22 to 28 cm according to the necessary payload.

traffic police inspectorate Hösbach (drawing Bez+Kock Architekten)


plan (drawing Bez+Kock Architekten)