Mittelrheinbrücke, St. Goar

New Building, Bridge

Completion: 2009


The river Rhein is a symbol for German history and a place for inspiration, myths and legends. Particularly the upper Mittelrheintal with its impressing riverscape and culturally important buildings is one of the main attractions in Germany. The Mittelrheinbrücke is integrated as if natural into the cultural landscape of the upper Mittelrheintal and refers to the special features of the place. The soft and curved form of the building continues conceptionally the natural scape of the river. The slim deck bridge is planned with a two-box girder and continues the cautious constructional design of the upper Mittelrheintal. The topographic features are incorporated in the idea of an river over the river and rendered in the jaunty and elegant bridge. The curved route is adjusted to the natural sweep of the landscape and connects the two federal roads harmonically. Using steel, composite and prestressed concrete construction it is designed with regards to the different velocities and modes of perception of the users: car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Whereas the street is on the upper level of the bridge the sidewalk and bikelane with recesses for stitting on the east side is about 2 meters lower. Thus it is protected against splash water and noise and offers best sojourn qualities. Lavish sculptural stairs that are also supporting elements provide access to the bridge from the riverside. The barrier free acces is ensured by the sidewalk and bike lane parallel to the street. The simple form and the smooth surfaces provide an economic maintenance of the bridge. The bottom of the bridge and its flanks of the superstruction are accessible with underbridge inspection devices whereas the outsides of the piers and the abutements can be inspected with lowerable ones or from the terrain. Catwalks that are always accessible from the superstruction allow the inspection of the bridge seats thus making inspections and maintenance possible without gadgetry.