Two nominations for the DGNB award 2016

Two projects by osd have been nominated for this years DGNB award 'sustainable building': the ETA-Fabrik in Darmstadt, that has been designed together with Dietz Joppien Architekten and the TU Darmstadt, and the +e Kita in Marburg, designed together with opus Architekten und ee concept. A highly renowned jury will choose the top 3 among the seven nominations in late October.

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Modell Factory

Klaus Siegele (frei04 publizistik) presents the ETA-Fabrik in Darmstadt as a "modell factory" in the journal Gebäude Energieberater.

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Recognition - Extension Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg

The draft from osd and Gerber Architekten for an extension to the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg has been awarded with a recognition.

The jury lauded especially the addition of an similarly proportioned, but significantly smaller wing to the monument and the clear and neat arrangement of the areas. Also the attractive open spaces and the almost complete preservation of the existing trees have been appreciated.

ICONIC AWARDS 2016 - Architecture Winner

osd designed the installation TWINKLE TWINKLE together with Glasbau Hahn, NE-AR Nixdorff Etchegorry Architecture Research, lichtundsoehne - lighting & visual design and studioheyhey - visual communication for the Luminale 2014.

Now TWINKLE TWINKLE has been given the ICONIC AWARD! This award is given to both architects and its partners.


LASE Laboratory for advanced spin engineering

osd designs the LASE - Laboratory for Advanced Spin Engineering at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern together with Reiner Becker Architekten.

The institute does spin-research. The new building provides space for 100 scientists who foster new developements and applications.

LASE Laboratory for advanced spin engineering

The institute describes its research area as follows:
"If we are able to stream music and videos from the internet despite its huge amount of data and our cars brake safely due to ABS, we owe it to spin research. Spin is the basis for magnetism, that allows us to quickly file huge amounts of data and develope modern sensors."

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Award for ETA-Fabrik

The experimental ETA-Fabrik in Darmstadt has been awarded at the Deutscher Ingenieurbaupreis 2016.
The research project aims at reducing the use of recources through the interaction of machines, technical infrastructure and the building itself.

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Award presentation Sozial - Schnell - Gut

The award ceremony for the competition "sozial - schnell - gut" will take plane on July 18 at the Zemtrum für Baukultur in Mainz. Harald Kloft contributed as a juror.

"Wanted are exemplary models of quickly producible, affordable and innovative housing that is based on the idea of seriality. Die contributions shall consider also the adaptability to different users, retrofitability, urban contexts and suitable open spaces."

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New roof for the central bus stop Leverkusen

osd won the competition for a new roofing of the ZOB Leverkusen together with Pahl + Weber-Pahl Architekten and the landscape architect Katja König. The drafts will be presented to the public until august 4 at the Rathaus Leverkusen Wiesdorf.

New roof for the central bus stop Leverkusen

The steel space framework consists of flat steel ribs, that are minimized regarding material. They reach funnel likely curved from the bottom to the edge or another bottom of the structure. In the centre result protecting roofes, that begin in a height of three meters.
"The building is conceptionally coherently designed and functionally well conceived. It promises pleasant and open spaces in the public areas and well poratable offices for the employees."
Excerpt from the assessment

wa features Technisches Rathaus Mannheim

wettbewerbe aktuell features the award winning contribution of osd and schneider+schumacher for the Technische Rathaus Mannheim in the July issue.
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Building for children

The Deutsche Bauzeitschrift (DBZ) features in its may issue entitled 'building for children' two modular nurserys in Frankfurt extensively. The nurserys have been designed together with raum-z ArchitektenKita Martin Niemöller (F-Riedberg) and Kita Niddaforscher (F-Heddernheim).